Olive cultivar

Olive cultivar

The DOP “Monti Iblei” standard  demands, in the “Gulfi” sub-zone, a quantity of “Tonda Iblea” not less than 90%. In the farm the “Tonda Iblea” cultivar represents about 98%. The rest of the cultivars are “Biancolilla” and Nocellara Messinese”, which is commonly called “Verdese”.

The main characteristics of the “Tonda Iblea” cultivar are trees with medium vigour, tall plant and dense foliage. The leaf, with an elliptical shape, is small in size and the upper surface has a dark green colour. The fruit, when ripe has a colour similar to violet, spherical shape, medium to large size.

Consisting of a local ecotype with unique elaiographic characteristics, which cannot be found anywhere else other than the “Monti Iblei” region. The oil deriving from the “Tonda Iblea” generally has a medium to an intense fruitiness, with a predominantly spicy taste rather than bitter. A green tomato and grass smell is typical, the colour is green that tends towards a dark shade.


The working of the soil is usually guaranteed four to five  times a year by using tillers, rotary tillers and harrows. Pest control is practised against the olive fly (Bactocera Oleae) organically when it is necessary, once or twice a year.

The pruning occurs every  year, in order to regenerate the crown and improve the interior aeration. The harvest is done by hand picking and is usually brought forward to the first half of October in order to maintain the perfume and the quality of the oil. The harvested product is always submitted to milling within 24 hours.

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