The company

The company

The farm was for centuries part of a larger estate. The present owner’s grandfather re-arranged the part that he owned (the present farm) and became specialized in olive and carob cultivation. Today the present farm follows this same tradition. The owner has begun a “sentimental” journey to bring back the nostalgia of ancient times while maintaining a modern and innovative approach.

The oil is produced organically and has been certified as such.

The surroundings have not been industrialised and the landscape remaines almost unaltered. The ancient buildings have not been modified so it is still possible to visit the original oil-mill. Since 2019 there is the possibility to sojourn in the farm.

INDIRIZZO: Azienda Agricola Arezzo ss, Contrada Serravalle Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG), c/o VIA SAN VITO 64, 97100 RAGUSA, ITALIA


TELEFONO: +39 3398864935 / +39 3402668510

P.IVA 01487310888

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