The final product

The final product

After milling, which is always done within 24 hours from harvesting, the oil is stored in stainless steel containers, where the atmospheric air is substituted with nitrogen in order to avoid oxidation; the containers are placed in a climate controlled environment, where the temperature is maintained at a constant level during every season. At  this point the oil is ready to overcome the last obstacle before the bottling.

To be certified as DOP, it has to pass two types of tests: a chemical one and an organolettic one.  Samples are collected, and are sent to a certified laboratory which must ensure that the following standards are reached:

  • maximum acidity < 0,5
  • peroxide amount < 10 meq 02/kg
  • K232 < 2,20
  • K270< 0,18
  • Polyphenols> 120 ppm

Other samples are sent for a panel-test examination, which must ensure an organolettic quality score not less than 7.00.

Once all these phases have been passed, the oil will undergo a decantering process, separated from the mustiness, and finally bottled; the presence of volatile residues in the bottle are possible, this does not represent a defect, it is instead an index of quality.

The oil is the ideal condiment for soups, legumes, broths, salads, vegetables and  grilled meat. Besides these indications we suggest you taste it on any type of dish and discover the best combinations for yourself. As all quality oil, its taste is exalted with a piece of bread, especially if it is accompanied with salt and spicy herbs. Unforgettable with “bruschette” (toasted bread).

The bottles exist in the following sizes

25, 50 or 75 cl

(glass bottle)

1, 2, 3 or 5 liter



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